Save a life

“Everyday they pass me by, I can see it in their eyes. Empty people filled with cares. Headed who knows where,” says the song. That’s what the 4 friends in Luke chapter 5 feel about their paralytic friend. They care so much about their friend that they know he doesn’t have to stay that way.

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Jesus and We 1: Faith-filled, Big thinking

We started our new year message series “Jesus And We” with a bang. And what a way to start the new year. As you start this year, be faith-filled, think big, dream big. Here’s a quick summary of Craig Groeschel’s Sunday message: * * * We are faith-filled, big-thinking, bet the farm risk takers. We

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Are you in the middle of life’s storm?

I don’t know what kind of storm you are weathering right now, but know that God’s truth remains something to cling to in both our calm and chaotic days.  God doesn’t leave us in the middle of this life alone.  The storms we face are another opportunity to experience God’s presence in our daily lives. No

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