Volunteer of the Month – Rico Handfield

Rico serves in our Host Team and is our March volunteer of the month. Rico is a businessman from Turks and Caicos. You won’t miss him in a crowd not because of his towering frame, but because of his infectious smile and warm nature. Rico’s passion to lead people towards Christ is unmistakeable as he

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7 Gains of Serving

During our weekly “Mondates”, I always look forward to dinner. I especially enjoy a polite nod from a stranger who serve our food. Always attentive to our every need, and not without a smile. These people , however, do it for money. It’s their job. Would they still be that courteous in serving us if

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Volunteer of the month: Gerou

As a volunteer-run organization, we give very high regard to the people that generously share their time, effort and talent to LifeChurch Makati. That’s the reason why every month, we honor a volunteer as a way of saying thanks for all the contributions they made. Gerou is what our lead pastor Arnold normally call “our

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