LifeGroup, a community of trust and friendship

My first experience of a LifeGroup was at the moment of my confusion and doubt. I didn’t exactly want to join at first because I have been traumatized in previous groups and friendships I had. When one of the group leaders approached me to join, and since I was bored to death doing nothing, I decided to try. Little did I know that this decision will be one of the turning points of my life.

It was a striking experience when the group leader first started our conversation with the C-H-R-I-S-T value that they observe inside the group. It was from that moment on that my defensive wall started to break. It was the moment when I felt that this is a community of trust and true friendship.


  1. C – Confidentiality. What has been shared, what has been said, whatever that has sensitively, should only stay inside the group and will be kept inside the box of confidentiality. We don’t want gossips to destroy any of us, do we?
  2. H – Honesty. Pretensions will only lead us to nothing but emptiness. Come as you are, be who you are. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, you will always have a place in this community.
  3. R – Respect. Everyone is unique on their own, and we believe that. That’s why this group creates a safe place where people can be heard and still be loved without the snap judgments.
  4. I – Intersession. This is a community where we will gladly walk with you in a journey, continually prays for and with each other.
  5. S – Spiritual Growth. The point where you can live a healthy and balanced life. To help you know and understand the great purpose in store in your life. To live a life beyond simple existence. And to understand the benefits of having God in every part of our lives.
  6. T – Teachable Heart. This is where everyone’s heart is subject to a process called ‘moulding’. To open one’s mind for learning, correction, and rebuke.

LifeGroup is not just a bible study where you seat down and list all the memory verses. It is a community of real friends, with the same interest, sometimes in the same age or gender group, working hard to gain each other’s trust. Each session of LifeGroup is centered in God’s word. Just like how our lives are supposed to be. Practically and faithfully solving and understanding every one’s burden, issues, and attitudes. This is LifeGroup! This is living a life with a community genuinely caring for you.