The Blessing of Generosity

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” is a cliché.  You can practically hear that quote whenever there’s a topic about giving and generosity or you can hear it from someone out of a thin air…

But what does it actually mean?

I’ve heard a lot of talks, teachings, preaching and discussions on the subject explaining that you are more blessed because it is you who are at the giving end and not the receiving end.  Meaning you have the capability to give, the resources, the time or anything that you have in your hands whereas the receiving end either have none or little of it.  But how do you explain that in this world where what matters most is “what I will receive”.   Further, those having more resources find it harder to give than those that have none.

values----generousityI was able to visit some of the remote places.  I saw people who practically have none but are willing to share what they have and even give you the best that they have.  You can feel the warmth, the generosity, the happiness when sharing what they have.  I learned that it is not the resources you have that enables you to be generous, it is what you have inside.  Being generous is not only sharing what you have materially but giving something out from your heart.

And as you give generously, you also take out something out of yourself.  You remove selfishness, greed and the materialistic part of your life.  You also learn to exercise love.  A friend once told me “you can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving”.

I cannot promise you material blessings when you start giving generously.  But one thing I know… once you start giving generously, it transforms you to a better person – a blessed, happy person.   And that I think is the blessing of generosity, far beyond the material blessings you’ll ever receive.